“When I came to Glenwood Springs from Denver 6 months ago, I was disappointed that there was no huge 24 hour gym like the one where I used to spend hours on cardio machines and doing the same weight routine I’d been doing for years and years. It took desperation to bring me to the day that I emailed DSC to sign up for a class. But now 5 months in, I feel incredible, and I look forward to working out, knowing I’ll be challenged every day and that I’m guaranteed to laugh and get great support and camaraderie from my everyone there.

I can’t say enough good things about DSC. I’ve been a member of or worked in no less than 8 gyms and have never seen trainers more interested in the good of their members. Thank you guys for the challenges and great motivation!” – Lee G



“Thanks to DSC, and especially Tara, I’m in the best shape of my life.  Generally, I’ve never had trouble being active or staying healthy, but especially in my late 30s, parenthood, work and life seem to have sapped me of some motivation to meet fitness goals.

So, after a year of CrossFit, I saw definite improvements in my flexibility and strength. But I continued to be frustrated by a lack of definition / toning.  I didn’t think my diet was too bad; I never ate fast food, often skipped lunch and tried to eat a lot of salads.  Plus, I was strong and felt generally healthy.  I began to suspect that I was a serial victim of unflattering light and angulation in photographs.  Those photos of me at the beach just couldn’t be accurate…Stupid camera!


Finally, Tara hinted that I should try her nutrition coaching.  It was depressing to part with my dear old friends ice cream and pasta, but after only one week, I was reunited with a some other old friends I hadn’t seen in years: my mid-abdominal muscles. After a month, a body composition scan showed that I had lost a quarter of my total body fat and added 4,000 grams of non-fat tissue.  Tara then confirmed that I had lost 4 inches from my waist (more fat than I even knew I had), and my muscles had grown.

But, in addition to the fat loss, I’ve had noticeable improvement in my energy throughout the day, my sleeping patterns, hunger and digestion, and my ability to deal with stress.  It may sound like a stretch, but I even feel that my senses are keener since I started the diet.


“I could never tell any of you enough what a positive impact you’ve made in my life. Coming to the gym is by far the best part of my day. I love the programming, the challenges, the sweat, the people, the trainers…everything. Getting to know you and other members on an athletic and personal level has been so incredibly enriching to my life. I love that I can step into the gym and leave everything else behind me for an hour. I love that I am continually surprised by my abilities and humbled by my short-comings. I love that each and every person in the gym has the ability to do incredible things that I want to work toward. You guys are awesome!” –  Tara Applegate



“I would have to say for the first time in my life I enjoy coming to the gym and I feel like it helps me reach my individual goals more efficiently than any other program I have tried in the past. I also enjoy the camaraderie that develops over time, that is truly an asset to the program.  It’s a place where ANYONE can walk in and be treated with respect. You are surrounded by people who are trying to make themselves a better person one day at a time. That is a healthy environment for an individual to be around. For me its a place where I can come to become a well rounded athlete, a supporter for my peers which in turn makes be a better person as a whole.”  – Cameron Daniel


“I am so very blessed to have all the wonderful trainers in this gym! You all are amazing! I inspire to look like you all one of these days ahead. I schedule my week around crossfit. I don’t know what I would be like without it! I just wish I would have started when I first moved here. It has been an amazing journey since November and I am looking forward to the journey ahead of me. I have met so many amazing people at the gym and I tell everybody I meet how wonderful it is! Keep up the great work and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so amazing!”  – Janice Morgan

Janiceafter (1)


” I feel welcome, safe, accepted, and encouraged to step outside my comfort zone almost everyday–and I know that you guys are on my side waiting to cheer me on. I never did team sports, so it is really exhilarating for me to hear you cheer, yes cheer, for me when I complete a great lift or finish a tough WOD. This doesn’t happen in the boardrooms where I spend a lot of my life.   I’ve moved so far past the anxiety I felt for the first several months the night before CrossFit. I’d lay awake wondering what I would do if I “couldn’t do it” or how dumb I’d look if I was the last to finish. Now, I’m brave enough to show up at CrossFit gyms where I travel, because I know I can do whatever needs to be done–and I have that knowledge because you all helped me gain it.”  – Jess Lorah


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