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We are ready to rock and roll for tomorrow’s event! Reminder that Team registration will be from 7-8 AM at the Glenwood Springs Community Center. Our opening address will start at 8 AM at the front of the community center.The first heat of the swim begins at 8:30 AM, the first Runner/Bikers start at 9:00 AM. Check out the heat list below to make sure you are on time.…/…/2016/03/STC2016HeatsTimes.pdf


Hey Guys!

Here are the STC 2016 workouts, heat list, and general info for the upcoming weekend!

You can email us at with any questions.

We are so pumped and we hope your team is ready to rock and roll.

Heat List:


Workout Descriptions:


Random Information/Schedule/Check-In/Etc


See you on Saturday!


STC 2016 Updates and Registration Info

Hey Sports Fans

Registration for the Summer Team Challenge 2016 will open tomorrow, June 1st.

We know there have been some concerns about the swimming portion of the event, so we would like to put your fears at ease.


For the morning session of the Summer Team Challenge we will once again be doing a “Team Triathlon” at the Glenwood Springs Community Center.

Only two teammates will be the “swimming teammates”. These two teammates will share a set amount of work in the pool (one partner can do more or less swimming than the other teammate).

The other two teammates will either need to ride a mountain bike on a double track trail, or trail run respectively.

For the afternoon session, we will transition back to our gym Defiance Strength and Conditioning, where we will conclude the day with various team events and floater workouts.  To see examples of the types of workouts we have done in the past please visit:

Past Events

Thanks guys and we can’t wait to see everyone on August 6th.

-The DSC Crew

Summer Team Challenge 2016

Our 5th Annual Summer Team Challenge is back… and we are heading back to the Glenwood Springs Community Center. Break out those water wings, and brush-up on your freestyle. This Summer’s event is going to be our best yet!


Registration will open Wednesday, June 1st. We have sold out this event for the past 5 years, so get on registration early!

The format remains the same: 2 Men/2 Women per team, 2 divisions of competition (Open and Masters) Your team will be tested with 5 events throughout the day, (typically 2 of those are floater events).

More details regarding the events (and swimming/biking needs) will be posted closer to registration.

You can register on June 1st at: