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“I can’t say enough good things about DSC. I’ve been a member of or worked in no less than 8 gyms and have never seen trainers more interested in the good of their members. Thank you guys for the challenges and great motivation!”Lee G


Glenwood Springs CrossFit has been Glenwood’s original CrossFit gym since 2010.  We are housed within Defiance Strength and Conditioning at 3760 HWY 82, Glenwood Springs, CO. 

Our CrossFit group classes are designed to be scalable for all levels of athletes.  Before joining in our regular CrossFit group classes, athletes must attend our one-on-one Fundamentals classes in order to become familiar with the movements and the types of workouts that we do at Defiance Strength and Conditioning.


All CrossFit group classes are taught from start to finish under the watchful eye of a certified trainer.  Every class and every movement is modifiable based on individual athlete needs.  While most CrossFit gyms encourage people to feel “crushed” and lay on the floor after a workout, we program our workouts to make you feel energized and better than when you started.  We never want our programming to limit you outside of the gym because you are too sore. We want our CrossFit classes to compliment what you do outside of the gym.

But these group classes are about more than just the great workout, they are really about the people.  All ability levels are welcome, and we have athletes from all walks of life intermingling and becoming good friends.  Within the group classes you have built in accountability because you are working out with your friends.  We find that people work just a little bit harder, when they are working out next to their peers.


“I hope you guys do know how much I value my time and experience there-not just for the training and physical stuff, but for the social and emotional benefits it brings.  I simply like hanging out with you all.  So thanks.  Keep being awesome.” – Dave

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