Winter Team Challenge 2016 Recap

We cannot believe that yet another event has come and gone. The event day always goes by in a blur for us, and before we know it, it’s over, and we are off and running planning our SUMMER Team challenge!**

We would like to start this recap with a HUGE thank you to our volunteer staff.  We couldn’t do these events without them.  They take care of everything from judging to score-keeping, to emptying trash-cans and refilling toilet paper.  They are the heart and soul of our competitions and we are indebted to them.

And to the athletes. We say it time and time again, but this CrossFit community is unparalleled.  I at various times saw athletes helping our volunteers move weight, strip bars, empty trash, etc.  The kindness and gratitude that we see from the athletes to our judges and staff, solidifies our belief that we have a great community of people.  So thank you to the awesome athletes for supporting our events.


Our top two Masters Teams. Fine Wine (1st) and CFDV Lumbearjack Masters (2nd).


Our top three Open Teams. FIAL (1st), Alpha Pack (2nd), and Spirit Animals (3rd).

Not only are these athletes’ good human beings, but they are also capable of some amazing feats of strength and endurance that we got to witness first-hand this weekend.

You can find the comprehensive leaderboard here:

And here are some amazing individual performances worth nothing:

Jump and Touch Females

Rachel O from Team Russian Babymakers: 26”

Kerstin from Team Unplanned Reset: 25.5”

Taryn from PR’s and Er’s: 25”

Jump and Touch Males

Jeremy from Alpha Pack jumped out of the GYM: 36.5” (for real!)

We had 4 other men tie for jumping 33.5”

Peg Board Male

We had a tie with 150 Points from Johnny from Vicious and Delicious, and Karl from Steamboat Pistols.

Peg Board Female

Audrey from Kleans for Kel got 74 points to take the win for best female peg board attempt.

Highest Lifts

Bench Press 5M:  Keila from FIAL hit 180 x 5  Back Squat 1 RM:  Kandy from VIM hit 280

Front Squat x 2 Kevin Miller from FIAL hit 365 x 2 Strict Press x 3 Matt Cova from Spirit Animals hit 210 x 3

Fastest Rows

Our Fastest Female row was 1:34 from Keila from FIAL and our Fastest Male row was 1:21.1 from Tony from Team Kleans for Kel.

Most Pull-ups

In possibly one of the most impressive feats of the day… Audrey B from Kleans for Kel did 57 Pull-ups unbroken in her 1:00 of work… she could have kept going but just ran out of time.

Most Toes-to-Bar

John from Alpha Back did 33

Most Snatches AND Most Clean and Jerks

Keila from FIAL crushed it with 25 Snatches and 15 C+J

And finally to our sponsors. Our sponsors provide us with prizes and funds to cover some of the costs of running the event.  What I love about our sponsors is they aren’t necessarily the big name businesses in the CrossFit world.  They are the “mom and pop” shops who love this community and what it stands for, and who value the hard work that our athletes and volunteers put into these events.  When you are in town, please try to support these local businesses as they support us year after year.

Berthod Motors

Headstrong Works!

Murray Dental Group

Mountain Cross Engineering

Glenwood Medical Associates

Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park


lululemon Athletica

LiftHeavies Wrist Wraps

RX Bar

Suerte Tequila

True Brew Coffee


The Pullman

Phat Thai

Juicy Lucy’s

Sweet Coloradough

Becky Koski Massage

Backcountry Chiropractic

**Inquiring minds want to know, will you do a Summer Team Challenge?! The answer my friends is YES.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 6th, 2016.  The rumor mill is already swirling about the Team Triathlon making a comeback, and us being back at the Community Center in Glenwood.  We will neither confirm nor deny that we have BIG plans for this summer, but we will recommend that you start practicing your doggy paddle, your mountain bike skills, and trail running… this Summer Team Challenge is going to be our biggest and best yet.

Thanks for your continued support


Thad, Kenz and the entire Defiance Crew

PS- Pictures are coming! We have a couple thousand (literally) to go through so we will post them ASAP.