Lift Like It’s Your Max

Written By Coach Cory

In the book Outliers, the author Malcolm Gladwell claims that it takes about 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to truly master a skill.  Whether this number is accurate or not, the point is there is no substitute for hard work.  And how we practice the skill is as important as practicing the skill itself.

“Practice makes perfect,” or better yet “perfect practice makes perfect.”  We can apply this to all areas of our lives but when it comes to lifting weights, how can we “practice perfect?”

To see the best results in lifting weights, every repetition, set, and weight should be treated the same.  Whether you are lifting 100 lbs. or 300 lbs. your approach, set up, technique, and lift should be unchanged.  Develop a routine that can be practiced over and over, so when it comes to lifting the weight you can keep your focus on what is most important.


Approach the bar with a positive mindset and focus on all the good lifts you have had in the past.  Set up your hands, your feet, brace your core, and move the same way every time.  Continuously look to improve your technique and work for better positioning in your movements.  Some movements might be more uncomfortable (front squat for example), to get better at the movement you will have to continuously go outside of your own comfort zone on every repetition.

To keep progressing the journey needs to be embraced.  Lifting weights is a skill and when you stop working on the skill your progress will match your effort.  During the journey focus on each lift and lift it like it is your max.

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