What The Girl Scouts Taught Me

Written by Coach Tara

A wonderful gym member recently shared an article with me about the feelings of starting over again. Without her knowing, this was quite timely in my own life, many of my nutrition clients’ lives and perhaps your own. It struck a chord with me. The feelings of: always needing to start again. Of having to always get back to where I once was. Even as I jot this down now I see the irony but it’s something I feel daily.

There is no question (ever!) that I love working out. I love the feeling of a barbell on me, of sprinting on the Airdyne, of finding my edge. At the same time, I hate it. It’s hard. I hate starting a workout and like most others I will procrastinate about it almost all day if I don’t have a workout date scheduled with Deanna or Kenz.

Why? The only explanation I can offer is that despite my goals, my wants, my “why,” sometimes executing the steps to get there just aren’t fun. It’s not. Eating broccoli and tilapia and saying, “no,” 1000 times to social gathering over drinks sometimes completely sucks. You’ve heard it before and will hear it again: committing to change is hard.

Dr. Gretchen Schmelzer talks about our propensity to abandon ourselves when we meet resistance and subsequently abandon our goals. The momentum we had to eat better or exercise more for 6 weeks, 1 month or 6 months eventually fades and at some point we stop clearly seeing the goal we set for ourselves. We let old habits or new bad habits creep in and lose some of the footholds and progress we made.

When resistance hits it becomes imperative to commit to struggling and muddling through the muck until you find clarity again. In plain English: it’s about forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do. It’s about parenting yourself the way you would a child. I will never forget one of the most valuable lessons bestowed to me from my parents. I begged to join Brownies when I was in first grade because all the popular girls were doing it. Needless to say I ABSOLUTELY HATED it after day one. Loathed it. But, I had asked for it. I had begged, pleaded and had a temper tantrum about joining Brownies and my parents made me honor the commitment every Wednesday night for the entire year.

Sometimes you just need to honor the commitment you made and struggle until you figure out your goals again. Can I tie knots, sell cookies, make a newspaper origami lifeboat for the homeless or sew on patches? Absolutely not. But I sure as hell can commit to just about anything. That’s what joining Brownies taught me.

So back to the point: I have goals. Just like you. Sometimes in the day to day slog their clarity is lost on me and I lose perspective not only of where I am going but where I have come from. It’s hard for me to be happy with 5 bar muscle ups when I want 10 and it’s hard for me to work on bar muscle ups when the first real step is saying, “no” to chocolate and, “yes” to green beans.  We all lose sight of our goals, but the best way to refocus on these goals is to follow the sage advise of the one and only Aaliyah* “If at first you don’t succeed you can dust off and try again.”

You committed to your goals for a reason, rediscover that reason, dust yourself off, eat your broccoli and get back to work.

* Yes, Tara is writing this and quoting sensational  90’s R&B pop stars

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