Written by Coach Tara

“Commitment is an act, not a word.” Jean-Paul Sartre

Last week you were reminded the importance of remembering your, “Why.” It seems us coaches have been on the same wavelength lately. This article piggybacks on the concepts of finding your drive and allowing it to create discipline and commitment.

COM-MIT-MENT/ke’mitment/ noun: the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

Ahh, commitment.  Why has it become so easy to break promises? Especially to ourselves? Things we resolve to change today are thrown out by lunchtime tomorrow on “Pizza day” at work.

I know that I am the curmudgeon that cries out blasphemy of THE Facebook. However I would argue it has created a world that makes it universally easier to blow someone off, cyber stalk and meet someone across the country, stand on a (usually empty) soapbox ,or be downright rude, from the safety of your home.  Behind the safety screen of the internet, email, and texting, we get infinitely bolder, sometimes rude, and sadly unaccountable. Commitments to appointments, dinners, marriages, family, gym sessions and nutrition plans are sent off into the matrix to die with an easy message of, “I’m not gonna make it because of x excuse.”  Sadly this excuse is most often freeing us up to do #whatevertheheckwewanna #whichisusuallyperusefacebook from the safety net of our home.


Look, I get it. Commitment is scary. Commitment is definitely not always sunshine and rainbows. In fact, sometimes commitment totally blows. But, what if you did commit? What if you followed a lifting cycle, a nutrition plan, a vow for 30 days without hesitation or straying? Where would you be? How long has it been since you’ve done every last thing you said you would for 30 days? Ever?

Start small. Follow through is a craft that needs constant repeating to become an art.  Start with, “I will not say anything today that I cannot follow through on.” Committing to DOING what you SAY and BEING what you PROFESS will change your life. Start with committing to a barbell, a kettle bell, to drinking water. Don’t put an object down until you’ve completed the rep scheme. Don’t eat crap until you’ve eaten some protein and vegetables first. Don’t tell someone you’ll be there when you know right from the jump that you won’t. Don’t try and change the plan until you’ve given it the proper amount of time to work.  Don’t allow this fast paced, internet, cellphone junkie toting world to put instantaneous time limits on a process.

Challenge yourself today. Do unbroken sets of deadlifts in your workout. Call and get together with a person you haven’t seen in forever for dinner. Pack your lunch. Don’t eat flour. Whatever “it” is, do it. You have nothing to lose by committing to 30 days of improving yourself as a human with NO deviation from your word.