Big muscles lift light weights, powerful minds lift heavy weights.

By: Cory House

If you want get strong you need to move well in the gym and have control over your mind.  The mind is a very powerful tool.  A confident person can do amazing things.  Self-doubt will stagnate progress.  Believe in yourself and keep a positive mindset.

You are bound to think about your progress, good, bad, or indifferent. Progress takes time, and it is easy to grow frustrated if we do not see immediate results. If you think negatively, that mindset will hold you back. If negative thoughts slip in while you work out, it will hinder how hard you can train.

Actions dictate thoughts, and thoughts can steer action in one direction or the other, depending on whether your outlook is positive or negative.

With a positive frame of mind, anyone can lift more weight, run faster, and finally get the results they have always wanted.

All of this can be done just by changing how and what you think while training. It’s not easy, but a few mental exercises can help change your mind, so you can change your body.

  • Visualize success

When approaching a lift or a workout your thoughts can make or break it.  When going into a lift if you are thinking “this is going to be heavy,” or “I don’t know if can do it”, then you have already defeated yourself.  Instead, visualize yourself being successful on the lift, or it feeling really light in your hands.  In conditioning workouts work on getting control of your breathing with long deep breaths before you start to work again.

Many successful lifters develop a routine for how they set up for a specific lift, similar to how a basketball player shoots a free throw.  Develop consistency in your set up and you will see consistency in your movements, which will lead to more confidence in your abilities.

  • Be prepared for the negativity

Even the greatest optimist is going to have negative thoughts creep in, especially when working out.  If you have a moment of negativity take a step back, reset your mind, and attack the weight with a better outlook. Remember your “why,” think of all the positive things in your life and attack the weight a positive mindset.

  • Re-define your weaknesses

If you come in and the workout has a movement you consider one of your weaknesses, how do you do attack it?  Do you complain? Or do you look at an opportunity to work on a weakness?  Instead of thinking “I am so bad at toes to bar,” flip your thinking to “Today I get the opportunity to work on my toes to bar, and be a little better at them than I was yesterday.”

On your quest to change your mindset, stay positive and surround yourself with people that will help you and want to see you succeed. Nothing will derail a positive train of thought faster than negativity from another person we respect and care about.

Your optimism will grow along with your improvement in your health and fitness. It’s hard to argue against the benefits of a positive mindset when you start to see dress sizes drop, your strength increasing, and abs begin to be uncovered.  Such visible evidence can convert even the most negative individual into an optimist with enthusiastic beliefs in the power of positive thinking.



We are lucky to have a gym full of positive people! If you or someone you know is interested in committing to changing their life, contact us below to get started.