MAY Double-Under Monthly Challenge Winners!!!!

MAY put your rope skills to the test. Many of you not only saw your FIRST double-under, but you then started linking them consecutively!!! It goes to show that with 2:00 a day you can see some great improvement in just about anything you thought you’d struggle with for years. Even though May has passed, remind yourself that anytime you find  a few minutes between classes pick up the ol’ whip and give her a few twirls. Keep up that momentum gang; we’re proud of you!


There is one class that really put their heart and soul into every 2:00 stint of Pointer Sisters, House of Pain and Jock Jams themed jumping songs I could come up with. One that stood to withstand more whippings and lash-marks on the back of their arms and thighs then the rest. A class that looked plantar fasciitis in the eye and said, “not today.” So CONGRATULATIONS 5:30 PM. The workout destiny of the gym lays in your hands and your hands alone.