The Wellness Challenge Sign-Up is now LIVE

Good Afternoon Team!!!!

The holiday season is fast approaching and we all know what that means…COLD WEATHER, darker days, the hustle and bustle of end of the year projects, family and friend gatherings, reviews, indulgent treats, cocktails, apres ski, tailgating on Sundays for the big game and the inherent snugging sensation of our clothes by January 1. This year we have decided to run the Wellness Challenge for 21 short days between Thanksgiving and Christmas to HELP during the toughest time of the year. It will begin Sunday, 25 November and run until Sunday, 16 December. During this time you will choose your plan and your commitment level from a variety of options. This can be as variable as a “Total 21 Day Detox,” “Sustain My Physique and Fitness,” or “Intelligently Indulge to a Manageable Gain.” We are here to help you navigate parties, social gatherings, how to stay in your exercise routine while traveling, how to prepare old holiday favorites new ways and different strategies to check and balance indulgences that are worthwhile and those that aren’t.
What it isn’t: Total deprivation during the holidays.
The winner of the Wellness Challenge will be the person with the largest POSITIVE change during the 21 days. However, that is by no means strictly weight loss. This can be consistency in the gym, keeping all sugar out of their diet, improved biomarkers, inches lost, strength gained, etc. This is about Wellness and an understanding that taking care of yourself is important if you are going to take care of others! SO, sign-up! Give yourself an early gift this year!!! As always, the more, the merrier! Winners will receive cash prizes, a free gym membership for a month and one-on-one sessions~. The link is now live!
If you’re still on the fence, want more clarity, or this will be your first challenge with us at Defiance come to the information meeting Sunday, 18 November at 8:00 AM. We can’t wait to see you!