Top Ten List: #2

2.  Creating a gym space out of an empty warehouse is no easy feat.  We had the opportunity to be a part of two gym openings besides our own.  Both High Country CrossFit and Defiance West opened their doors while we were at the helm of DSC.  We helped in various ways in the opening of these gyms and while it was a lot of hard work (and painting, lots of painting), it was a great experience to be a part of.  Watching them both grow and take on their own personalities has been the best part to see.  Erin and John have a super tight knit community of friends up at HCCF, and Cory has revitalized the fitness community in New Castle.  It is so awesome to see the communities and friendships form in different towns throughout the valley, all because of a gym.  Thanks to Cory and Cierra House, and Erin and John Davis, for letting us be a part of your gyms, and for spreading the love of fitness throughout the valley.


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