Written by Coach Tara

As Christmas tree lights are stored away in boxes, pine needles are swept up and the last of Aunt Sally’s pecan pie is consumed, we find ourselves resolving for a New Year. The first week of the year is long gone and many of us have been feeling the gluttony, hang-over that the holidays often provide. I could recite statistics at you all day long about the efficacy of resolutions but you know them already. Did you make the same claim this year as last? Are you still looking to be healthier, lose a few pounds and tighten up your diet? The proof is in the proverbial pudding if these resolutions are starting to sound redundant.

I am speaking to you lovely gym members: 2016 is yours for the taking. You are a micro-community that has already resolved (made a firm decision to do or not do something) to better your fitness, to exercise, to showing up for a workout. It is a habit (a settled or regular tendency or practice). Your mind has been made up. You won’t change it and you are steadfast in your resolution.

Your gym commitment is as routine as brushing your teeth, drinking coffee in the morning, or fidgeting with your phone when you’re nervous, bored or uncomfortable. Habits: you don’t think about them, you just do them. When operating under the influence of a habit you have removed all emotion and negotiation.

I challenge you to approach this year with the same tenacity. Pick your subject: whether it be food, kindness, learning, reading, relaxation, sleep or a new sport. Decide it is a habit. Make your practice active. Decide you no longer eat packaged food and be done with it. The hassle of looking through the middle aisles of the supermarket has just been taken away and opened you up to an easy shopping route around the perimeter of the store. Don’t think twice about it.


Decide that you will be more kind. Decide you will ask, “What is my part in this?” when you want to snap at someone. Decide to handwrite a card once a week, or call a family member on Sundays.

Decide to go to bed 20 minutes earlier. Decide to take your multi-vitamins. Decide to pleasure read for 20 minutes. Decide to meditate for 10 minutes in the morning or attend a yoga class.

You and you alone have the power to choose how you will spend your time and energy. For the things that you truly want (without any question) choose to habituate them and remove the thought process. It will save you time, energy and get you closer to running at your optimal level.

Decide. Resolve. Commit. Habituate. 4 easy steps to a different year and an improved you.

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