Fall Food Challenge

    DATES: Wednesday 1 November- Tuesday 21 November 2017

COST: $75


21 Days: A Better Version of Yourself

This 3 week challenge is meant to be more intense than our normal food challenge and sustainable nutrition plan. This will be an aggressive reset to regaining control over sugar, processed foods and alcohol, flour and dairy. You will be eating a WHOLE FOODS diet consisting of lean proteins, nuts, oils, vegetables, legumes, fruits and whole grains.

As the year progresses many of us slowly allow treats and indulgences to sneak back into our plan. The next three weeks are about cleaning up your current diet/life before the holidays bring on the onslaught of indulgences, overeating and stress that can derail your goals. In the next three weeks our focus is aimed at you will feeling back in control around foods, being able to better manage stress and returning to a sustainable “diet” of whole foods and indulgences in moderation.

This challenge will take place exclusively through Zen Planner. You will log into your daily calendar for your Daily Task, point/score input and to view your daily ingredients, recipes or other helpful information throughout the program.


You must sign up on Zenplanner or let Tara (tara@defiancegym.com) know by Friday 27 October 2017 so that the information packet can be sent to you and you can be registered for prizes which include cold, hard cash, training sessions, swag and more! 


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