After 21 days of sticking to a food plan chalk full of WHOLE, nutrient dense foods and devoid of alcohol, dairy, sugar and flour many of you have realized the effects certain foods have to making you feel really good or really bad. As always, I was taken back by the incredible turn out for the Wellness Challenge and the camaraderie between gym members to share recipes, complete the daily tasks (burpees anyone?) and to encourage each other through the dark sugar lulls. An incredible job all around!


As we wrap up the 2017 Fall Food Challenge my hope is that there are 2-3 take-aways that each of you will keep in your repertoire until we meet again in the spring. The 21 day challenge is strict and is not meant to be your sustainable meal plan but more of a reset. However, if you now have an understanding of the importance of recovery, or goal setting, or mindfulness or excluding dairy because it makes you feel terrible than the point has been made. I hope each of you have come away with a little better understanding of your body and how to properly refuel to be your best version. Happy holidays to all! xoxox.


1st: Linley Miller

284 points

$300.00 CASH

2nd: Anthony Bosse

256 points

$200 CASH

3rd: Cristina Alonso

238 points

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HONORABLE MENTIONS: Adrienne Prosser and Clare Roberts

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