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Winter Team Challenge 2015

February 7, 2015 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Another event has come and gone, and it’s time for another recap.  But instead of our usual author, Kenz, This will instead be from Thad Eshelman…

“Thanks to everyone who helped make the WTC2015 a great success.  Once again I was overwhelmed by the support that our community shows one another.  I love this community and am passionate about it…as some of you may have noticed when I spoke after the event…when I got something in my eye… the air must have been filled with chalk.

I love being around people that push me to be better. I see the physical action that is put forth during the competition, both by judges and athletes, and I am motivated.  I am motivated to work toward being better in every aspect of my life.  I am reassured that there is HOPE for a positive lasting change.  If everyone would put forth the same time and effort into their faith, family, relationships, jobs, hobbies, and life as they do into exercising we would immediately begin to see that positive lasting change.

I truly believe that you cannot improve others until you begin to improve yourself.  As athletes you lead by example, and I challenge you to begin the process of bettering yourself not just physically, but mentally as well.   Make a decision today to be the change that you want to see in the world.  Start by changing your thoughts.  Try to see situations from others perspectives: maybe you need to complain less, or just have a more positive outlook.  By changing your thoughts you will begin to notice a change in your words, the way you speak and what you talk about.  Next to follow will be your actions; if your thoughts and words change, you will have no choice but to follow them with action.  Actions, repeated enough becomes habits.  Once something has become a habit in your life it begins to define you, at this point you will have positively made a change to your character.  Ultimately our character is what defines who we are and what we stand for.  Who are you? And what do you stand for?

Remember; if you are motivated you will have no choice but to motivate others.  I believe that a majority of us have had our lives changed for the better by being a part of our respective gyms. I think that we owe it to those we care about to “pay it forward,” and not be afraid of encouraging others to begin to change the direction of their life.

The athletes, judges, and spectators all motivated me to continue to challenge myself to be better both physically and mentally.  Events like this truly bring out the best in our community, and we are so grateful to be a part of your lives.  Thanks for another great event… we will see you in the summer!”


Here are a few notable moments from the 2015 Winter Team Challenge


L-sit Hold- 1:15 Mei Ling Clark VIM Open

Chin Over Bar- 1:36 Jason Team Ginger Snap

Top of Ring Hold– 2:09 (:40 sec longer than next best) Johnny Team Squatsnatch



Male: 335# x3 Cody Fleming  CrossFit Junction

Female: 170# x3 Keila Utu CrossFit Junction


Male: Michael Immell 300# VIM MASTERS

Female:  Keila Utu #195 Crossfit Junction


Michael Immell:  305 Bench and 300 complex

Keila Utu:  170 Bench and 195 complex

Seconds Per stone

#BeefCake 1 stone every 3.89 sec

#Runningisimpossible 1 stone every 4 sec (now they just need to get better at holding themselves in a stationary position J)

#OvertheSpeedLimit 1 stone every 4.39 sec

#VIMMASTERS 1 stone every 4.57 sec

You can find pictures of all the action at:  https://glenwoodspringscrossfit.shutterfly.com/pictures/2816

And last but definitely not least HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS.  We couldn’t do these events without their support, so please support them in their businesses, and thank them when you see them in the community.

Berthod Motors

HeadStrong Works


Mountain Cross Engineering

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Murray Dental Group


Sweet Coloradough

Suerte Tequlia

LiftHeavies Wrist Wraps


The Pullman

Phat Thai


Bonfire Coffee

True Nature Kitchen

Becky Koski Massage

Lululemon Athletica Aspen


If you are the type who likes to be extremely prepared you can find a copy of our waiver below.  You can print 4 of these and have your team sign it for easier registration.


Hello WTC 2015 Athletes

We have a winner… of the online workouts!

These are the 4 smiling faces you are gunning for on Saturday…Congratulations to “Team #BeefCake”


You can find the RESULTS for the online workouts here:


Based on these results you can find your time in the HEAT LIST Posted here:


Still hungry for MORE INFO?  You can find the general timeline/parking/food/check-in information here:


Oh all you really care about are the WORKOUTS?!  Here they are:


If you have any questions/comments you can email us at defiancesc@gmail.com

See you on Saturday!

The DSC Team


Winter Team Challenge 2015 Judges Info!

Hello WTC 2015 Judges/Volunteers



We are now one week away from our event, and we want to make sure that we are all on the same page before the event.  Below is the list of the movement standards that you will see and enforce on Saturday, February 7th.  Please familiarize yourself with them, and come prepared to ask any questions you might have at our judges meeting on Friday Night, February 6th at 6:30 PM (at DSC).  We all know that the difference between a good event and a bad event is the judging, so we are expecting you to not only know what a good rep is, but also and more importantly, be able to say “NO REP,” when needed.  Telling an athlete to “get lower” is not your job, your job is to say “NO REP, get lower,” and the athlete will need to correct their movement, in order for any reps moving forward to count.

You will be placed in “judging teams/pairs” for all of the events in order to make our organization easier, and allow you to have more organized breaks.

Found here:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3dRcrEo48Q8ZFg0VHhRX2F2MkE/view?usp=sharing

You will be getting taken care of for breakfast and lunch, get a T-Shirt to wear and other fun goodies.

Our judges meeting will be on Friday, February 6th at 6:30 PM at Defiance Strength and Conditioning, and will go for 30 to 45 Minutes.  If you are unable to attend our Friday Night meeting, please plan on being at DSC at 7:15 on Saturday morning.  If you attend Friday night, please be at the gym no later than 7:40. (The first workout begins at 8:00).  As some of you know, this will be a long day, as the events need 16-20judges/heat: please prepare yourself and know you will be working all day.   Make sure you bring some snacks and water to keep yourself satiated between meals.  Thank you SO MUCH for your help in advance, we could not do this without you.

Parking:  Park up the hill in the Paragon Parking complex, and other locations along the hill (see photo below) PLEASE CARPOOL if possible!


Set-up:  If you are interested in helping set-up, we will need help setting up on Friday afternoon/evening. Just ask Kenz what time if you would like to move some weight around.

Not a Judge:  A few people receiving this email are a part of our scorekeeping/equipment team.  If that is you, you do not need to attend the judges meeting, unless you would like to judge as well.  Volunteers:  you will need to be at DSC at various times depending on what job you are doing.  So you can speak directly with Kenz about when you need to be here.


Also attached in the email you received is the judging/volunteer assignments.  Please read through it and make sure I didn’t miss you!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and see you in a week!


Schedule for Winter Team Challenge 2015

Friday Night

                    Team Check-In- 5:00-7:30 PM

(For Check-In: All 4 members must sign waivers and, but do not have to be present at the same time)

Judges Meeting- 6:30-7:30 PM


                    Judges Meeting #2: 7:15 AM

Check-In 7:00-8:00 AM

Opening Address: 7:45 AM

Event #1 8:00-10:05 AM

Floater Event #1 Open 8:30 -11:30 AM

Break: 10:05-11:00 (Set-up for Event #2/3)

Event #2/3 11:00-12:40

Break: 12:40-1:20 (Set-up for Event #4)

                    Floater Event #2 Open 12:00-3:00

Event #4 1:20-3:20

Award Ceremony: After the final event


Movement Standards:  (We will send out the workout descriptions to you later this week, and COMPLETELY review the workouts in our judges meeting).

Atlas Stone to Platform- You must pick up the stone from the floor, and place it completely on top of the platform. The ball must rest completely on top before taking it back to the floor for the next rep, you must control the stone to the floor. Don’t drop the stone on your foot.

Bench Press- Athlete will lay on the bench, and may get a lift-off from their spotter.  Lift begins with the elbows fully locked out at the top, the bar will then be lowered and MUST touch the chest.  The lift ends with the arms fully locked out above the body, BEFORE re-racking.  You may not drop the rep into the rack.  If the spotter must touch the bar, (besides from the initial lift off, or an assist back into the rack after final lockout) that will be considered a NO-REP.

Burpee- Movement begins in the standing position.  Athlete must touch entire chest to the ground at the bottom and jump and clap with the hands overhead and the hips open at the top position, on top of a plate.  YOUR head/body must be face the plate, aka you cannot go to the side of plate or sideways to plate.

Chin Over Bar Hold:  Athlete must hang from the bar with their chin CLEARLY over the bar.  If the chin drops below the bar, or makes contact with the bar in anyway, their attempt is over.  Athletes may not use a mixed grip, but can use a “chin-up grip” or a forward facing “pull-up grip.”

Deadlift- Starts on the floor, finish position is shoulder behind the bar, hips and knees fully locked out.  You may NOT drop the bar, or bounce the bar between reps.  Bouncing or dropping will result in a No-Rep.

Double Unders- Rope must pass twice underneath the feet in a single jump.  Rope must travel forwards.

Front Squat- Weight must be held in the clean catch position, hands on the bar, elbows up.  You may not cross your hands to hold the weight.  Hip crease must pass below the knees at the bottom position, and the hips must fully open at the top.  (Bar must start from the floor, and will be cleaned up to the shoulders.)  Your first rep may be a squat clean. You MAY “HUMAN RACK” to help a teammate get the weight to their front rack position for the first rep.

Handstand Push-ups- Athletes must begin in a fully upright handstand hold position, with feet touching the wall and elbows locked out.  The must lower down, touch the head, and come back up to full lockout position with heels against the wall at the same time.  Open athletes will be on two 25lb plates with an abmat between them. Certain masters ages will have plates placed under abmats for scaling purposes.

Hang Clean- Lift begins with the bar above the knee. and finishes with the weight in the front rack position, with the athlete standing, with hips and knees fully open, and elbows in front of the bar.  Athlete may catch weight in a squat if needed, and weight must be stood up.

KB Swing- Kettlebell will travel from below the hips and behind the legs, and travel up to eye level (Russian Swing).  Thumbs must pass above the eyes.  YOU MAY NOT DROP THE KB FROM ANY HEIGHT.  1st Drop = 20 Burpees for your team, 2nd drop = DQ’d from the workout.

L-Sit Hold:  L-Sit Hold:  Athletes will support themselves centered on two parallettes with their feet above one 25lb plate, hands must be centered on the marked off area.  The heels must stay above the plate, with the legs as straight as possible, and the legs must stay together (no pressing the legs into the forearms).  Athletes may have a slight unlocking of the knees, but any deliberate “tucking” of the legs, or if the heels come behind the plate, that will be the end of your attempt. As soon as the feet or any other part of the body come in contact with the ground or plates, your attempt is over.

Row- Hands must stay on the handles until the distance/time is complete.  Handles on the rower must be re-stored, not just let go of.

Shoulder to Overhead:  Barbell may be pressed overhead in whatever manner the athlete deems necessary (press, push press, jerk).  The shoulder to overhead must be fully locked out, with the feet under the hips for the rep to count.  (If you split your feet MUST come back together before the bar comes down)

Squat Clean- Lift begins on the floor , the athlete must catch the clean in the bottom of a squat (hip crease below the knee).  They must then stand the lift up  so the athlete finishes standing, with hips and knees fully open, and elbows in front of the bar

Strict Pull-up- Pull-up starts with the arms at full extension at the bottom, and finishes with the chin clearly over the bar, breaking the horizontal plane. No kipping will be allowed. Athletes may kick/fail feet, but any movement that resembles a “kip” will be a no rep.  You may do Chin-Ups, Pull-Ups, and change your grip during your attempt, but cannot come down from the bar.

Top of Ring Hold: Athlete must hold the “top of dip” position, with arms locked out, and feet off the ground.

Wall-Ball- The wall-ball begins in a standing position, the athlete must hit a full squat (hip crease below parallel), the ball must hit the 10’ target.


Winter Team Challenge 2015 Online Qualifier Workouts

The Online Qualifier workouts will all be released TODAY, January 12th.  This will allow teams to choose when to do their workouts, as we heard some teams were having a hard time accommodating various teammate schedules.

All scores must be submitted by Sunday, February 1st at 5:00 PM.

For these workouts we would prefer judging on each teammate, however understand that some teams may have a hard time finding 4 people to judge.  If you do these workouts unjudged please remember that we are exercising for fun, and that winning our event unfortunately does not mean you that will make it to the CrossFit Games.  Cheating while exercising is a bad sign about your character. Also, at competitions everyone likes to stand around and critique poor movement, and claim boldly that “I would never move like that”, and then the clock turns on and all movement standards are out the window.  If you do not have a judge to hold you to movement standards, please remember to hold yourself to them, just like someone was watching.  Remember that these scores do not affect your overall final placing for the Live Competition, just your heat seeding.  We WILL designate a winner of the Online Qualifier (and they will get some cool stuff), but this again, does not affect your overall placing for the live event.

You can submit all scores to defiancesc@gmail.com.  Please follow instructions on how to write out your scores as detailed below the workout descriptions.

We have tried to think of everything and explain the workouts as thoroughly as possible, but understand that sometimes things get lost in translation.  If you have any questions you can reach us at defiancesc@gmail.com.  You can find the leaderboard once it is updated on this page.


Online Qualifier Workout #1 (Throwback to WTC2012)

“The 8’s”


As a team of 4 you will complete:


8 Thrusters (115/75)

8 Burpees

8 Power Cleans (115/75)

8 Pull-ups

At 3,2,1, Go Athlete Number 1 will begin their 8 Thrusters, with the other 3 athletes waiting in line.  As soon as he/she is done, Athlete #1 will move on to the 8 Burpees, and Athlete #2 will begin their 8 Thrusters.  They will go in this order with one athlete following the next for 12 Minutes. You may not begin a station until the athlete in front of you is clear from that station ie:  you will rotate as a team.  You will cycle through these movements as many times as possible in 12 Minutes.  You will need two women’s bars, and two men’s bars both loaded to your age appropriate weight.

Score:  You will submit your score the following way:  Complete Rounds + Extra Reps/person= Total Reps.  (There are 128 available reps/round, and a full round is counted when ALL 4 People complete the round)

Example of how you will submit your score

Name: Defiance Strength and Conditioning

Event:  Online #1

Score :  5 Full Rounds = 640 reps + Athlete #1 got to 4 Pull-Ups = 28 reps, + Athlete #2 got to 5 Power Cleans = 21 reps + Athlete #3 got through 3 burpees = 11 reps, + Athlete #4 got 2 Thrusters = 2 reps.

So… 640+28+21+11+2= Total score of 702 Reps.


Open 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59+
Thruster/Clean 115/75 115/75 100/65 95/60 85/55 75/50


Movement Standards:

Thruster- Hips must go below parallel in the bottom of a squat, elbows must reach full extension overhead, and the bar must be vertically over the shoulders, hips, and knees, while all three are fully open.  Your first thruster may be a squat clean.


Burpee- Movement starts with athlete fully standing.  Athlete must lower to the ground until the CHEST (not just stomach) TOUCHES the floor.  The athlete then must jump onto a 45LB plate, both feet leave the ground and land at same time.


Clean- Lift begins on the floor and finishes with the weight in the front rack position, with the athlete standing, with hips and knees fully open.


Pull-up- Pull-up starts with the arms at full extension at the bottom, and finishes with the chin clearly over the bar, breaking the horizontal plane.



Online Qualifier #2

“Rowing Stations”


As a team of 4 you will complete the following for reps, and time.

Row: 300, 300, 300, 300, 300, 300, 300, 300 Meters

Max Reps:  Handstand Push-ups

Max Reps:  Goblet Squats

Max Reps: Strict Pull-ups

You will select your own athlete order, and will stay in this order through the workout, you must rotate stations in the order listed here:  Rower to HSPU, HSPU to Goblet Squats, Goblet Squats to Strict Pull-ups, Strict Pull-ups to Rower.  The athlete on the rower will set the pace for the other three stations.  You cannot work until the rower is working, and cannot work after the rower is finished.  You will rotate stations, doing max effort reps at your station, while the rower works.  Each teammate must row 300 Meters two times.

Score:  Total Time MINUS total reps.  We will do the math for you… You just need to submit your time when your final teammate completes their final 300 meter row, and your total reps for all movements combined.

Example of how you submit your score: 

Name: Defiance Strength and Conditioning

Event:  Online #2

Total Time: 11:45

Total Reps:  255 Total Reps


Open 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59+
HSPU No Scale No Scale 4 x 5 LB Plates 4 x 5 LB Plates 1 x 10 LB Plate Ab-Mat Only
Goblet Squat 24/16 kg 24/16 kg 24/16 kg 24/16 kg 20/12 kg 20/12 kg


Movement Standards:

Handstand Push-ups– Athletes must begin in a fully upright handstand hold position, with heels touching the wall and elbows locked out.  They must lower down, touch the head, and come back up to full lockout position with heels against the wall at the same time.  You may do kipping or strict HSPU.  Open athletes will be on two 25lb plates with an abmat between them, with all three items flush against the wall.


For Masters 40-49:  They  will use 4 Standard 5LB Plates.  They will place these plates UNDER the abmat, next to the 2 x 25 LB Plates.


For Masters 50-54: They will place 1 Rubber 10LB Plate under the abmat, next to the 2 x 25LB Plates.


For Masters 55+:  They will remove the 25lb plates, and use an abmat ONLY.


Goblet Squat:  The kettlebell is held upside down, in both hands, centered on the body.  The squat movement starts with your knees and hips fully extended.  You must squat deep enough for your hip crease to be below the level of top of your patella.  You must return to the start position to finish the rep.


Strict Pull-up- Pull-up starts with the arms at full extension at the bottom, and finishes with the chin clearly over the bar, breaking the horizontal plane. No kipping will be allowed. Athletes may kick/fail feet, but any movement that resembles a “kip” will be a no rep.  You may do Chin-Ups, Pull-Ups, and change your grip however you’d like.


Online Qualifier #3

“The Workout that started it all…”


4 Minutes, 3 Minutes, 2 Minutes, 1 Minute Stations w/:30 seconds rest between stations.

You and your teammates will rotate through the following stations, in the order detailed below

4 Stations:

Wall-Balls (to a 10 Foot Target)

Plate Push-ups

Double Unders

Toes to Bar

You will decide who starts on which station, and everyone will rotate in order from there.  At 3, 2, 1 Go each athlete will be at one of the 4 stations listed above, and will stay at that station for 4 minutes.  At the 4 minute mark there will be a :30 rest, and all teammates will rotate in the order listed above.  After the :30 rest period is over teammates will now work at their new stations for 3 minutes.  At the 3 minute mark, athletes will have :30 rest to rotate to their new station, after the :30 rest is up, they will now work at their new station for 2 minutes.  At the two minute mark, athletes will have a :30 rest period to rotate to their final station.  Once the :30 rest is over, athletes will work at their final station for One minute.


Example of how you will submit your score:

Team Name:  Defiance Strength and Conditioning

Event:  Online #3

Total Reps:  675 Reps


OPEN 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59+
Wall-Ball 20/14lbs 20/14lbs 20/14lbs 20/12lbs 16/10lbs 16/10lbs


Movement Standards:

Push-Up- You will set-up two 45lb plates in front (for hands) and one 45lb plate behind (for feet).  Between the two front plates you will place an abmat.  Your hands must be completely on the front plates, and both feet must be on the back plate.  Your chest must touch the abmat, and your elbows must lock out fully at the top of the plank position.  ONLY YOUR CHEST MAY TOUCH, your hips, thighs, knees, etc may not touch the floor.  The only thing that may make contact with the abmat is your chest (nipple line).


Toes To Bar- Feet must start behind the vertical plane of the bar, and finish with both feet simultaneously touching the bar.



Wall-Ball- The wall-ball begins in a standing position, the athlete must hit a full squat (hip crease below parallel), the ball must hit the 10 Ft Target at the top.


Double Under- Rope must pass twice underneath the feet in a single jump.  Rope must travel forwards.



The snow is falling, the temperature is (below) freezing, the Turkey has been carved, and Holiday music is already on repeat on your iTunes.  It’s about that time to load up your car with your 3 best friends, drive over the river, and through the woods to Defiance Strength and Conditioning for our 4TH ANNUAL WINTER TEAM CHALLENGE!

On Saturday, February 7th, teams from all over the state of Colorado are welcome to come test their fitness and team work skills at Defiance Strength and Conditioning, Home of Glenwood Springs CrossFit.

But this year, we have a twist…

In the three weeks leading up to the event, we will release one online team workout per week.  We will use these workouts in determining your heat seeding for the February 7th event, and these workouts will give you an idea of the type of events you can expect at the live event on the 7th.  The winner of the online qualifier workouts will get a sweet prize package.  (If your team chooses not to participate in the online qualifier, you can still participate in the February 7th event, but will be placed in the earliest heats).  Further details about the online qualifier workouts will be posted closer to the first workout date.

The team format remains the same; teams of 4, 2 men and 2 women.  Your teammates can be from any gym and the goal when selecting your team should be to find the balance of strengths and weaknesses to create the most well-rounded team that you can.

REGISTRATION WILL OPEN on Sunday, December 7th.

Registration link is here:  http://www.wodrocket.com/index.php?option=com_ohanah&view=event&id=795&Itemid=118


We will have two divisions for competition; Open, and Masters. In order for your team to qualify as Masters, all 4 members MUST be 35+ years of age.  Masters team’s scales will be based on average team age.

(If you are over 35 and are on an Open Team, you DO NOT get Master’s Scaling)

Max Weights:



There will be 5 events throughout the day.  All events will be programmed to allow athletes of intermediate to advanced ability levels to participate in each event.


We will have healthy food available on-site, and there are restaurants close-by. We will have 2,000 SQ Feet available as a warm-up area/athlete’s lounge, and weather dependent, have space outside for tents. If you are planning on coming up for the weekend, contact us and we can tell you the best places to stay.

REFUNDS: There will be no refunds.  If your team is unable to compete, you must find a replacement team.


February 7, 2015
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Defiance Strength and Conditioning
3760 HWY 82
Glenwood Springs , CO 81601 United States
+ Google Map