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Winter Team Challenge 2016

February 6, 2016 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Last Minute Updates:

We have moved a few teams around and adjusted the schedule for tomorrow slightly, please look this over:


Floater Workouts!  Check out the updated event description for our floater workouts…


And Judges Heat Adjustments:


And finally, we are so pumped to have everyone come up tomorrow!  Please, please, please CARPOOL to the gym, as parking is going to be more tight than usual due to aggressive snow piles 🙂  Thanks and we will see everyone tomorrow!



Happy Snowy Tuesday!

Man oh man do we have some information for you today!

Want the Online Qualifier results?  Heat Lists?  Judges info?  And the Workouts!?

Here they are!

Online Qualifier Results

Congrats to team Alpha Pack to WINNING the Online Qualifier Workouts.  They crushed it with scores of 765 for Event #1, 3329 for Event #2, and a solid 105 in Event #3.  We can’t wait to see the competition unfold with them and the rest of the teams live on Saturday.

Here is the Online Qualifier Leaderboard:


Team Heat Lists

These heats were created based on the online qualifier scores, past performances at our events, and other Intel.  We did our best to put everyone in heats where the teams around them would push them to compete at their highest level.  We also took into account multiple teams from one gym, and tried to split them up so everyone could watch everyone compete.  Email us if your team isn’t listed, or you have any questions.



We know this is all you really care about…


(There are two floater workouts, that will be released later in the week… we can’t spoil all the fun).

Parking and Timeline

Info:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3dRcrEo48Q8Vm1ReTB3MFpqWjg/view?usp=sharing

Team Check-In is Friday night from 6:00-7:00 PM and again from 7:00 AM- 8:00 AM on Saturday morning.  You will be able to sign up for the 2 Floater workouts at Check-In.  All 4 teammates do not need to be present, but all 4 teammates must fill out a waiver before competing.

If you like to be one step ahead, you can fill print, sign, and bring the waivers with you.

Waiver:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3dRcrEo48Q8NkpDSS0tYzI2SFk/view?usp=sharing

Judge Assignments and Info

This will change at least 10 more times as we get more judges, but the final version will be published at the Judges Meeting on Friday at 6:30 PM.

Judges Heats


Judges Info




Winter Team Challenge 2016 Online Qualifier Events

All scores must be submitted by Sunday, January 31st at 6:00 PM.

Remember that these scores do not affect your overall final placing for the Live Competition, just your heat seeding.  We WILL designate a winner of the Online Qualifier (and they will get some cool stuff), and doing these workouts gives you an idea of what to expect on February 6th. If you can round up some judges, please do. If not make sure your teammates hold you (and you hold yourself) to a high standard. At the live event, if your range of motion is poor, you will get “No Repped,” so practice moving well, and to a high standard NOW.

You can submit all scores to defiancesc@gmail.com.  Please follow instructions on how to write out your scores as detailed below the workout descriptions.  MASTERS TEAMS: For Events #1 and #3, your age will be your average team age. EX: Susie is 54, Johnny is 45, Ryan is 47, and Karen is 50; so your average TEAM AGE is 49.   All your scaling will be based on the 45-49 Age Group. For Event #2, we need your individual ages listed in order to credit you with the appropriate weight additions.

We have tried to think of everything and explain the workouts as thoroughly as possible, but understand that sometimes things get lost in translation.  If you have any questions you can reach us at defiancesc@gmail.com.  You can find the leaderboard once it is finalized on this page, and on Facebook. SUBMIT YOUR SCORES via email NO LATER THAN 6:00 PM on Sunday, January 31st.


Online Qualifer Event #1

“Hold On”

KB Overhead Hold and Toes to Bar

Bar Hang and Jump Lunges

HSPU and Prayer Hold

Wall-Balls and Weighted Plank Hold


One Male (A) and one Female (B) will begin by holding in the static KB Overhead Position , the other two teammates(C and D) will begin doing as many Toes to Bar as possible. As soon as either person in the static position breaks, the teammates (A and B) will rotate to the Toes to Bar, and teammates (D and C) begin the static hold.  As soon as either teammate (D and C) break, the team will immediately go to the next station of Bar Hang and Jump Lunges.  Teammates A and B will begin at the static station, and D and C will begin the Jump Lunges.  This cycle will continue until all stations are complete.  Static athletes must face moving athletes.

NOTES:  The static station is the only one that determines if you move on.  The athletes moving may break as many times as they want.  The static station must always face the working station.

For the plank hold, your “moving” teammates must place the plates on the “static” teammates backs before beginning their wall-balls.

Score TOTAL Reps.

Example of how you submit your score:

Name: Lift all the Things

Event:  Online Qualifier Event #1

Score: Total Reps = 520 (This is the actual top score from our event in 2013…who can beat it?!)


Open 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60+
Wall-Balls (10′ Target) 20/14lbs 20/14lbs 20/14lbs 20/12lbs 16/10lbs 16/10lbs 16/8lbs
Kettlebells 24/16 kg 24/16 kg 24/16 kg 24/16 kg 20/12 kg 20/12 kg 16/8 kg
Plank 80/45lbs 80/45lbs 80/45lbs 70/35lbs 70/35lbs 65/25lbs 65/25lbs
HSPU No Scale No Scale 4 x 5 LB Plates 4 x 5 LB Plates 1 x 10 LB Plate Ab-Mat Only Ab-Mat Only

Movement Standards:

Handstand Push-ups- Athletes must begin in a fully upright handstand hold position, with feet touching the wall and elbows locked out. They must lower down, touch the head, and come back up to full lockout position with heels against the wall at the same time.  (You will be on 25 LB Plates and an AB-MAT, all three must touch the wall)

hspu-300x200 topofhspu-200x300

For Masters 40-49:  They  will use 4 Standard 5LB Plates.  They will place these plates UNDER the abmat, next to the 2 x 25 LB Plates.


For Masters 50-54: They will place 1 Rubber 10LB Plate under the abmat, next to the 2 x 25LB Plates.


For Masters 55+:  They will remove the 25lb plates, and use an abmat ONLY.


Jump Lunges- The movement must start with fully locked out hips, the athlete must jump up and split their feet into a lunge and the back knee MUST touch the ground. They must then jump up and split the legs again, making sure that the hips come to full extension at the top.  (Every lunge counts)

btmlunge topofjumplunge

Overhead Hold- Athlete must hold the Kettlebell by the handles with both hands holding overhead. They may not touch any other part of the bell.


Prayer Hold- Athlete must stand with Kettlebells in each hand, with the handles of the bells touching, or the knuckles of the hands and the weight of the bell on the forearms. Athlete may NOT interlock fingers.


Toes To Bar– Feet must start behind the vertical plane of the bar, and finish with both feet simultaneously touching the bar. Feet may not go outside the hands.

t2bbtm-200x300 t2btop-200x300

Wall-Ball– The wall-ball begins in a standing position, the athlete must hit a full squat (hip crease below parallel), and the ball must hit the 10 FOOT target.

wbbtm-200x300 wbtop-200x300

Weighted Plank Hold- Athlete must be on forearms, and the weight must be placed directly over the sacrum. The feet must be no more than shoulder width apart.

IMG_3001 IMG_3003

Bar Hold: Athlete must hang from the bar, without setting their feet on a box or the ground. Athletes may adjust hands while hanging.


Online Qualifier Event #2

“The CrossFit Total”


Your team will have 60 Minutes to establish a 1RM in the following lifts, for each of your teammates:  (The lifts must go in this order).

Back Squat



At 3,2,1 Go all 4 athletes may begin warming up, and trying to establish a 1 RM in the Back Squat. You may have 4 bars, and have 4 athletes lifting at the same time.  Once an athlete has established a 1RM Back Squat, they may move on to establishing a 1RM Press, then a 1 RM Deadlift.  Use spotters when necessary.  An athlete does not have to wait for his/her teammates to finish that particular lift before moving on to the next.  Your team has 60 Minutes.

Notes:  Master’s Teams will get 1 Lb/year OVER Age 35.  Example, a master who is 54 years old gets 19 pounds added to their lift score FOR EACH LIFT.  So a total of 57lbs total.

Score:  Total Weight Lifted

How to Submit your score:

Team Name: Lift All the Things

Event:  Online Qualifier Event #2

Score:  Katie:  Backsquat 265 + Press 100 + Deadlift 305 = 670

Johnny:  Backsquat 365 + Press 185 + Deadlift 450 = 1000

Mary:  Backsquat 215 + Press 85 + Deadlift 240 = 540

Buck:  Backsquat 325 + Press 135 + Deadlift 400 = 860


**Masters Teams:  Please list your respective ages on your score submission by your names (we will do the math for additional weight for you)

Movement Standards:

Back Squat: Weight must be held across the back, it may be “low bar” or “high bar” position.   Movement starts with the athlete standing fully upright, at the bottom hip crease must pass below the knees at the bottom position, and the hips must fully open at the top.

backsquatbottm-200x300 backsquattop-200x300

Strict Press: Bar starts in the front rack position, (bar held across the shoulders). It is pressed above the head, with no help from the legs, or hips, or “other movement”.  The bar should be continually moving UP.  The lift is complete when the lifter shows control of the barbell overhead, with the arms in line with the ears and the barbell directly overhead.

cleantop-200x300 topofthru-200x300

Deadlift- The bar starts on the floor, and the athlete must lift the bar off the bar to a fully standing position. Hips must be open, and knees must be straight, with the barbell stood all the way up.

deadliftbottom-300x200 deadliftop-200x300


Online Qualifier Event #3

“Death By…”


Death by Clean and Jerk (135/95) 0:00-30:00

Death by Pull-Up 30:00-60:00

For Death by Clean and Jerk you will have from 0:00-29:59 on a running clock to go as far as possible in a “Death By” rep scheme. For Death by Pull-Up, you will have from 30:00-59:59 on the running clock to go as far as possible in a “Death By” rep scheme. 

From 0-1:00 on the clock all 4 athletes will complete 1 Clean and Jerk. From 1:00-2:00 athletes will complete 2 Clean and Jerks.  From 2:00-3:00 athletes will complete 3 Clean and Jerks.  They will continue in this fashion, adding one rep every minute, until they no longer can keep up with the clock.  The clock will continue to run even if all 4 athletes have not been able to keep up with the clock; this time will be your team’s rest period.  Once the clock reaches 30:00 all 4 athletes will transition to Death By Pull-Ups.  From 30:00-31:00 all athletes will perform 1 Pull-up.  From 31:00-32:00 all athletes will perform 2 Pull-ups, etc. until athletes can no longer keep up with the clock.

Notes: Each athlete may have their own bar and pull-up area.

Score:  Highest round COMPLETED.  (You are not given points based on reps into the next round that you DO NOT complete within the time cap).

How to Submit your Score:

Team Name:  Lift All the Things

Event:  Online Qualifier Event #3

Score:  Katie:  C+J 9, Pull-Ups 12 = 21

Johnny: C+J 15, Pull-ups 20 = 35

Mary:  C+J 7, Pull-ups 9 = 16

Buck:  C+J 11, Pull-ups 15 = 26

Team total:  98


  Open 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60+
Clean and Jerk 135/95 135/95 125/85 115/75 105/65 95/55 85/45


Movement Standards:

Clean and Jerk: Lift begins on the floor and the weight is then caught in the front rack position, with the athlete standing, with hips and knees fully open. Athlete may catch weight in a squat. The lift must then be stood up, and pressed overhead in whatever manner the athlete deems necessary (press, push press, jerk).  The shoulder to overhead must be fully locked out, with the feet under the hips for the rep to count.  (If you split your feet MUST come back together before the bar comes down)

btmoclean-200x300 cleantop-200x300 topofthru-200x300

Pull-up:  Athlete must begin in a fully extended position (arms straight, feet not in contact with the floor), the athlete must pull until the chin is CLEARLY OVER THE Bar.

topofpull-200x300 botofpull-200x300


Blizzard warnings? School closures? Finally! It’s about that time to load up your car with your 3 best friends, drive over the river, and through the woods to Defiance Strength and Conditioning for our 5TH ANNUAL WINTER TEAM CHALLENGE!

On Saturday, February 6th, teams from all over the state of Colorado are welcome to come test their fitness and team work skills at Defiance Strength and Conditioning, Home of Glenwood Springs CrossFit.

As with our Summer Team challenge, we will be running on online qualifier to determine your heat seeding for the event, and the winner will get a sweet prize package. (If your team chooses not to participate in the online qualifier, you can still participate in the February 6th event, but will be placed in the earliest heats). Further details about the online qualifier workouts will be posted closer to the first workout date.

The team format remains the same; teams of 4, 2 men and 2 women. Your teammates can be from any gym and the goal when selecting your team should be to find the balance of strengths and weaknesses to create the most well-rounded team that you can.

REGISTRATION WILL OPEN on Sunday, December 6th.

Registration link is here: https://www.wodrocket.com/index.php/competitions/find-events/winter-team-challenge-2016


We will have two divisions for competition; Open, and Masters. In order for your team to qualify as Masters, all 4 members MUST be 35+ years of age. Masters team’s scales will be based on average team age.
(If you are over 35 and are on an Open Team, you DO NOT get Master’s Scaling)

There will be 5 events throughout the day. All events will be programmed to allow athletes of intermediate to advanced ability levels to participate in each event.

Weights and Movements

We will have 2,000 SQ Feet available as a warm-up area/athlete’s lounge, and weather dependent, have space outside for tents. If you are planning on coming up for the weekend, contact us and we can tell you the best places to stay.


There will be no refunds. If your team is unable to compete, you must find a replacement team


February 6, 2016
8:00 am - 5:00 pm