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Summer Team Challenge

August 9, 2014

All the info you need for our upcoming event:

Schedule for Summer Team Challenge 2014

Friday Night

              Team Check-In- 5:00-8:00PM

(For Check-In: All 4 members must check-in to sign waivers and, but do not have to be present at the same time)

Judges Meeting- 6:30-7:30 PM




Check-In 7:00-8:00 AM

Opening Address: 7:45 AM

Event #1 8:00-10:13 AM

Floater Event #1 Open 8:00 -10:30 AM

Break: 10:13-11:00 (Set-up for Event #2)

Event #2  11:00-12:00

Break: 12:00-1:00 (Set-up for Event #3)


Floater Event #2 Open 12:30-3:30

Event #3 1:00-4:00


Award Ceremony: After the final event


Heat List:

Can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3dRcrEo48Q8NVJjajFNaXlnbzg/edit?usp=sharing

Last Minute STC 2014 Info:

In case you didn’t know, we moved gym locations last fall!  We are now located at:

3760 HWY 82

Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Heading from I-70 you are going to take the Glenwood Springs Exit, and head into town via Grand Ave.  You will take Grand Ave all the way through down (heading towards Aspen).  You will pass McDonalds, and about 1.5 miles after the Golden Arches, you will come to another stoplight.  You will make an immediate LEFT after that stoplight, across HWY 82.  We are the first building (lovely beige color) on the left as you are climbing the hill.

Parking: There is parking all around the gym, up the hill and in various other locations within walking distance.  PLEASE CARPOOL, as parking will be tight.  Also be respectful of how you park, don’t park anybody in that you don’t know (you may double park in someone you know, especially in the top parking lot), and make sure our neighbors can still get out of their respective businesses.  We will have a volunteer helping steer you in the right direction for where to park.

Tent City: Weather dependent (outside) we will have ample room for inside/outside “hangout” spots.  You are welcome to bring a tent, and chairs and set-up around/inside the gym.

We will have a warm-up area and food for sale on-site.


Event Descriptions

Event #1

“The Last Ascent”


As a Team you must EACH complete the following for time:


Back Squats (115/135, 185/225)

Box Jumps 24/30”

(18 Minute Time-Cap)

The workout begins with Female #1 beginning her set of 5-10-15 Back Squats and Box Jumps.  She will Back Squat 115# lbs.  Once she completes her FINAL set of 15 back squats, and transitions to her Box Jumps, Female #2 will LOAD THE BAR to 135# lbs, and begin her 5-10-15.  Once she completes her 15th back squat and transitions to the box jumps, Male #1 will load the bar to 185#lbs and begin his set of 5-10-15.  Once male #1 completes his 15th rep and transitions to the 30” Box Jump, Male #2 will LOAD THE BAR to 225 and begin his set of 5-10-15.  After Male #2’s fifteenth and final Box Jump, time will be called.


  1.     Athletes must load their own bar and clips.  No help from teammates may be given.
  2.     If an athlete needs a spotter, a teammate may act as a spotter, HOWEVER if the judge deems that help was given in ANY way, that will be a “No Rep”
  3.     If an athlete fails a rep and bails the bar off their back.  The team may help the lifter get the bar off the floor, and back into the rack.  The athlete may then continue lifting.
  4.     STEP-UPS are allowed, HOWEVER if you step-up, you MUST step-down.  If you jump up, you may jump or step down.

Score: Total Time.  If the work is not completed in this time, your team will be time capped and penalty points for missed reps will be assigned.


Open 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54
Back Squat 185,225/






165,205/95,115 155,195/


Box Height 30/24” 30/24” 30/24” 24/20” 20/16”

Movement Standards:

Back Squat: Weight must be held across the back, it may be “low bar” or “high bar” position.   Movement starts with the athlete standing fully upright, at the bottom hip crease must pass below the knees at the bottom position, and the hips must fully open at the top.

Box Jumps- Athlete must do a two footed or a step-up jump to the top of the box. Hips must fully open while feet are standing on the box (Regional standards).  If the athlete steps- up, they MUST STEP-DOWN.


Event #2

Snatch/Clean and Jerk Ladder


There will be two ladders set-up facing each other (Men’s and Women’s weights).  At “3,2,1 Go” each pair will have 1 minute to lift and 15 seconds to rotate.  The male teammates will lift together, and the female teammates will lift together.  All four athletes will begin Snatching the weight in the ladder.  Once a teammate FAILS to execute a Snatch in the 1 Minute time-frame (you may attempt as many times as necessary), they will get a “0” for that lift. They get to continue up in the ladder, BUT will move to a Clean and Jerk.  The other teammate will continue Snatching until they also fail, at which point they will move to the Clean and Jerk on their next lift.  Once an athlete fails to complete a Clean and Jerk in the time allotted, they will be done lifting.  They may stay with their gender partner until both are eliminated.


Notes: The Clean and Jerk is WORTH HALF the points of a Snatch. EX: Female Lifter #1 successfully Snatches 120#, she will receive 11 points, her teammate Female Lifter #2 successfully Clean and Jerks 120# (because she missed a Snatch at 115), she receives 5.5 points.

Ladder weight and points will be as follows:

Women’s Ladder Points Men’s Ladder Points
55 1 105 1
65 2 115 2
75 3 125 3
85 4 135 4
90 5 145 5
95 6 155 6
100 7 165 7
105 8 175 8
110 9 185 9
115 10 195 10
120 11 205 11
130 12 215 12
140 13 230 13
150 14 245 14
160 15 260 15
170 16 275 16
180 17 290 17
190 18 305 18

Score: Total Points

Movement Standards:

Snatch– The movement starts with the athlete grasping the barbell, with both bumpers in contact with the ground. The athlete then explosively stands and opens the hip, jumping the barbell overhead in one motion. At the finish, the knees, hips, shoulders and elbows must be in extension, and the athlete must show control of the barbell for the rep to count. The athlete must perform the exercise in one motion. It can be a muscle snatch, a power snatch, a split snatch or a squat snatch (both must be stood up).

Clean and Jerk: Lift begins on the floor and finishes with the weight in the front rack position, with the athlete standing, with hips and knees fully open. Athlete may catch weight in a squat.  The lift must then be stood up, and pressed overhead in whatever manner the athlete deems necessary (press, push press, jerk).  The shoulder to overhead must be fully locked out, with the feet under the hips for the rep to count.  (If you split, your feet MUST come back together before the bar comes down)


Event #3

“I hate that hill”


As a 2 person team (1 Male/1 Female) you must complete the following for time:  (Each Male/Female PAIR will be responsible for completing the full chipper and 5 runs)

200 Double Unders

100 KB Swings

75 Pull-Ups

50 GHD Sit-ups (20/10)

25 Ball Slams (40/30)

5 Hill Burden Runs w/Sandbag (50/30)

(25 Minute Time-Cap)

The workout begins with Pair #1, heading up the hill for a 250 M Burden Run carrying their respective sandbags.  In the gym, Pair #2 is working on their chipper, starting with 200 Double Unders.  Only one teammate working on the chipper, may work at a time.  Work can be split between the pair (male/female) as needed, but each partner must do at least 1 rep of each movement.  When Pair #1 returns, the pairs switch.  Pair #1 will then begin working on THEIR 200 Double Unders…the work is not shared between pairs.  Teams will continue switching in this matter (picking up where they left off) until the chippers are complete, and runs are finished.  If a team finishes their 5 burden runs, but their chipper is not yet completed, they may switch on and off with their other pair to complete the work, but TEAMS MAY NOT help the other pair complete their work.  Time is called when both pairs are finished with the chipper and 5 burden runs.

Score: Total Time.  If the work is not completed in this time, your team will be time capped and penalty points for missed reps will be assigned.


Open 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54
Kettlebell 24/16 kg 24/16 kg 24/16 kg 24/16 kg 20/12 kg
GHD Sit-UP 20/10 20/10 16/8 No weight No Weight
Slam Ball 40/30 lbs 40/30lbs 40/30lbs 30/20lbs 30/20lbs

Movement Standards:

Double Unders- Rope must pass twice underneath the feet in a single jump.  Rope must travel forward.

KB Swing- Kettlebell will travel from below the hips and behind the legs, and travel up to eye level (Russian Swing).  Thumbs must pass above the eyes.  YOU MAY NOT DROP THE KB FROM ANY HEIGHT.  1st Drop = 20 Burpees for your team on the spot, 2nd drop = DQ’d from the workout.

Pull-Up- Athlete must begin in a fully extended position (arms straight, feet not in contact with the floor), the athlete must pull until the chin is CLEARLY OVER THE bar.

GHD Sit-Up– Athlete begins sitting up with the ball in their hands.  They must extend backwards, touch the ball to the floor/plate, and sit-up and touch the ball to the front of the GHD.

Ball Slams-The athlete will pick the slam ball off the ground and raise it up over the head.  The ball must be directly over the head with the knees and hips at extension.  The athlete will slam the ball down onto the ground hard enough that the ball bounces off the ground.  In order for the rep to count, the athlete must catch the ball before it hits the ground again.  You cannot simply raise the ball over your head and then let it drop to the ground.  It must be slammed and you must catch it on the rebound.





As a 2 man team (1 Male/1 Male, 1 Female/1 Female) you must EACH complete the following for time:

3 Rounds

250 M Row

KB Prayer Hold

At 3,2,1 Go each gender pair will begin their row.  Male/Female #1 will begin rowing 250 M while Male/Female #2 will hold their Kettlebells in Prayer Hold.  After 250 M is complete, the partners may switch.  They will continue switching until each partner has done 3 x 250 M Rows.  No rowing may occur without the KB’s in the prayer hold position.  YOU MAY NOT DROP THE KB FROM ANY HEIGHT.  1st Drop = 20 Burpees for your team on the spot, 2nd drop = DQ’d from the workout.

Score: TOTAL of the Males and Females times.  (Ex: The Males completed in 5:30, and the Females completed in 6:30, their total time is 12:00)


Open 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54
Kettlebell 24/16 kg 24/16 kg 24/16 kg 20/12 kg 20/12 kg

Prayer Hold- Athlete must stand with Kettlebells in each hand, with the handles of the bells touching, or the knuckles of the hands and the weight of the bell on the forearms.  Athlete may NOT interlock fingers. YOU MAY NOT DROP THE KB FROM ANY HEIGHT.  1st Drop = 20 Burpees for your team on the spot, 2nd drop = DQ’d from the workout.



“The Yoke-Tastic Voyage”


Every 2 minutes the Yoke must get heavier.  Score is total weight moved.

At “3,2,1 Go” the two female athletes will begin shuttling the yoke back and forth for 20 M lengths (every length = 1 rep).   They can switch off as needed during the workout.  At the 2 minute mark, the girls will increase weight on the yoke and continue shuttling the weight, at the 4 minute mark they will increase weight again, and at the 6 minute mark, the workout for the girls is over.  From 6-8 minutes, the male pair will adjust the height of the yoke (if needed) and adjust the weight to their starting weight (285).  The males will add weight every two minutes, until time is called at the 14 minute mark.

Notes:  You may only add weight on the end where the weight is placed.

Score: Total Weight Moved


Open 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54
Weight to be moved 185, 225, 265

285, 325, 365

185, 225, 265

285, 325, 365

185, 195, 205

285, 295, 305






The rivers are raging and it’s 85 Degrees in Glenwood Springs, which means its time to plan your trip to Glenwood for our annual, Summer Team Challenge.


On Saturday, August 9th, teams from all over the state of Colorado are welcome to come test their fitness and team work skills at Defiance Strength and Conditioning, Home of Glenwood Springs CrossFit.


This is a TEAM ONLY challenge. Teams of 4, 2 men,2 women. It doesn’t matter if you are all from the same gym; just get a team together and sign-up fast, this event will sell out. Last year out Winter Team Challenge sold out in less than 50 minutes.






We will have two divisions for competition; Open, and Masters. In order for your team to qualify as Masters, all 4 members MUST be 35+ years of age.  Masters teams scales will be based on average team age.

(If you are over 35 and are on an Open Team, you DO NOT get Master’s Scaling)



There will be 5 events throughout the day, which may or may not include a floater workout. All events will be programmed to allow athletes of intermediate to advanced ability levels to participate in each event.



We will have healthy food available on-site, and there are restaurants close-by. We will have 2,000 SQ Feet available as a warm-up area/athlete’s lounge, and weather dependent, have space outside for tents. If you are planning on coming up for the weekend, contact us and we can tell you the best places to stay.


REFUNDS: There will be no refunds.  If your team is unable to compete, you must find a replacement team.


August 9, 2014


Defiance Strength and Conditioning
3760 HWY 82
Glenwood Springs , CO 81601 United States
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