Top Ten List: #2

2.  Creating a gym space out of an empty warehouse is no easy feat.  We had the opportunity to be a part of two gym openings besides our own.  Both High Country CrossFit and Defiance West opened their doors while we were at the helm of DSC.  We helped in various ways in the opening of these gyms and while it was a lot of hard work (and painting, lots of painting), it was a great experience to be a part of.  Watching them both grow and take on their own personalities has been the best part to see.  Erin and John have a super tight knit community of friends up at HCCF, and Cory has revitalized the fitness community in New Castle.  It is so awesome to see the communities and friendships form in different towns throughout the valley, all because of a gym.  Thanks to Cory and Cierra House, and Erin and John Davis, for letting us be a part of your gyms, and for spreading the love of fitness throughout the valley.


Top Ten List: #3

#3.  On a daily basis someone in our gym forgets to bring workout clothes, shoes, hair ties, socks, a sports bra, etc.  I don’t want to think about how many people have worn my shoes at one point or another.  We have had people workout in their loafers, hospital scrubs, barefoot, in someone else’s sports bra, in jeans, you name it we have seen it. But our “Number 3” memory comes from our dear sweet Ryan Beringer, who worked out in the best outfit to ever grace Defiance Strength and Conditioning.  Ryan showed up early for a noon class one day, only to realize that he was without shorts.  As he had a few minutes to kill, he ran to Wal-Mart to grab a pair.  What he didn’t realize is that only ventured into the “Juniors” section of clothing, and ended up with a pair of junior boys WHITE athletic shorts.  He drove back to the gym and put them on only to discover his error.  He sheepishly came out of the bathroom, and I of course burst into laughter.  They looked like white bike shorts they were so tight.   But he was committed to his workout so he kept his chin held high while I, and everyone else in class was giggling every time he attempted to move without ripping them.  Many comments, and catcalls were made his direction and he was a great sport about it.  Those white shorts haunted the upper cubby and made the rounds on various men who forgot their shorts.  I giggled every time I got to see someone wear them, but no one ever held a candle to how amazing they looked on Ryan.  Honestly, I think those shorts made Deanna fall in love with him.

PS- I wanted to include an “image” with this post but I couldn’t bring myself to insert any of the images I found.  If you would like an “artists rendering” of what they looked like google “white compression shorts male.”

Top Ten List: #4

4.  Two times a year we hosted large team competitions at our gym.  In the summer of 2013, we were feeling extra motivated and decided to open the competition up to 50 teams instead of our usual 30.  We also decided to host the event at the Glenwood Springs Community center and utilize their pool, trail system, and ice skating rink.  This required us to basically load every piece of equipment we owned onto a trailer, and tow it all to be set up in the ice rink.  The event went off without a hitch, minus that I maybe got a few people lost on the trail run.  But the Number 4 memory isn’t specific to the actual event, it’s what happened AFTER the event was over.

The ice rink was a mess.  It was covered in weights, sleds, ropes, chalk, tape, and miscellaneous debris.  I was totaling the scores with my score keeping team, and looked up and saw what looked like a time lapse video happening in front of my eyes.  Our judges and volunteers (who had just work their butts off all day), were in full motion; cleaning equipment, loading it on the trailer, pulling tape, sweeping, etc.  I blinked and they had the ENTIRE event broken down, loaded up, and were ready for a beer.  And the crazy part is, that they kept coming back for more and more events.  Every year we hosted these events our gym community STEPPED up to judge, clean, score-keep, compete, or be a cheerleader.  It was incredible.  Our team events were always a success but it had nothing to do with us, and everything to do with our amazing community.  If you participated in any of our events (including athletes)  THANK YOU!!!!

(If you want to see all the pictures from this event you can go to:


Top Ten List: #5

5.  Every year our gym participated in the CrossFit Games Open, which consists of competing against other individuals and teams across the world through a series of 5 online workouts.  In 2014, our gym was vying for a spot in the top 30 teams that get to compete at Regionals.  That year the final workout was a terrible combination of thrusters and burpees.  We needed each of the 6 teammates to put up a high score in order to qualify, and this workout was right up Matt Cova’s alley.  Unfortunately the final workout needed to be completed over Spring Break, which Matt spent drinking beer and eating tortilla chips in Mexico.  He came home on a Sunday, and had to complete the workout on Monday.  He came out of the gates HOT and was feeling good… until the round of 9.  It looked like the scene in “Old School” when Will Ferrell gets hit with the dart.  Matt was suddenly licking his lips, bulging his eyes, and his face went white.  His burpees turned into him lying on the ground in the fetal position for a few seconds at a time, then stumbling up and jumping falling over the bar.  Thad and I willed him to finish, and finish he did, with a smokin’ fast time, and his performance solidified our team’s spot in Regionals.  While it was happening it was painful to watch, but now the photo makes us laugh SO hard.  It was a series of exceptional individual performances just like Matt’s that got our team to Regionals, and we are so grateful for the experience of competing as a team on a higher level.

Top Ten List: #7 & #6

7. In the spirit of Christmas our “Number 7 and 6” memories come from our annual White Elephant Gift Exchange and Ugly Sweater Party.  Every year we would dress up in our finest ugly sweaters,find the craziest gift we could and celebrate together as a community.  Two memories really stick out.  The first was the gift that kept on giving… the bright pink “Borat” style thong.  It was the hot ticket item at the party, getting fought over all 3 years it made its appearance.  It brought a lot of laughter every year, but no longer makes the rounds at the party, as it found its “permanent” home with one of our members… I have an idea of who has it, and more power to him, and I hope his wife enjoys it.

6.  At these parties kids were welcome.  One family brought their sweet, sweet daughter, and the poor girl had nothing but bad luck every year.  One year she picked a hand painted reindeer collage, which promptly got stolen from her.  After watching tears well up in her eyes, the “steal-ee” realized the error, and ran it back over to her. I am told the painting hangs in her room.  Last year there was a “bell” that got passed around the group.  It wasn’t just any bell though.. it said “Ring for Sex” on it.  This sweet girl wanted that bell so badly, and stole it from someone without knowing what it read.  Her victory didn’t last long, as a woman stole it from her, and replaced her gift with “Trump Collection” cuff links.  She was such a good sport, and really was the sneakiest thief of all of us.  She also ended up with everyone’s “cast-off” items, and walked away with more swag than anybody else.

This holiday party brought everyone to tears with laughter every year.  Thanks to everyone who played along.

Top Ten List: Number 8

  1. Our “Number 8” memory is a collection of funny moments from the Question of the Day. We implemented the Question of the Day to help build community, and help newer people in the gym feel comfortable.  Little did we know that we would learn SO much about you all…maybe too much?  We consistently had two people (who will remain nameless) that somehow made EVERY answer sexual.  There was also a time where things got a little too politically heated, and I (Kenzie) had to redirect the conversation as fast as possible.   We also have people try and skip the question of the day by taking a reallllyyyy long time to tie their shoes by the cubbies, or purposely staying in the bathroom until it is over.  We have had some great conversations, hilarious answers, heartfelt responses and everything in between.  Thanks for sharing pieces of yourselves with us!  What has been your favorite question of the day?


Top Ten List: Number 9

  1. As today is day one of moving the gym to its new location, our “Number 9” memory comes from the last time we moved in October 2013. Thad was busy building and finishing the new space, so it became my task to move equipment and clean out our old space near the cemetery. We had planned and promoted a “gym workday” on Friday, our last day in the space.  (Editors note:  Don’t plan a workday on a day where people actually go to WORK.)  Our “big workday”, turned into just Tara, me, and a very large cup of coffee for her.  We ran the Bobcat, loaded the last of the mats, moved the HUGE atlas stones, tore down cubbies, and got the last pieces and parts of the gym emptied onto the trailer and into the back of her BRAND new truck.  We drove the truck and trailer over to the new space where Thad, his crew, and TONS of gym members awaited us to unload.  When we got there people were painting walls, hanging dry erase boards, laying mats, vacuuming, organizing equipment, etc.  If there was a task to be done it was being taken care of.  To everyone who helped in the construction of the gym (and there were too many to count), THANK YOU again for proving what an amazing community we have at DSC.  You guys made the dream of the new space a reality.


Top Ten List: Number 10

As we move closer to the transition of ownership from Thad and Kenz, to Deanna and Tara, we have been taking some time to reflect on our 7 years of ownership.  We have compiled a “Top Ten List” of little moments at the gym that symbolize how great the last 7 years have been.  We will be posting them over the course of the next ten days.  If you have any moments or memories at the gym that really stood out to you, comment below or email them to me at


10.   Woody came to me one day and asked that we do a workout to honor the victims of 9/11.  I happily obliged and just asked that he tell me what the workout was and we would get it done.  He decided that we should participate in the Team Red White and Blue, “Operation Vigilance 9/11 Rope Climb” that consisted of us collectively rope climbing 2,730 feet to represent the combined height of the twin towers.  With 15 foot ropes, it meant 182 rope climbs as a group.  We split the class into teams and they all chipped away at their assigned number for the entire hour of class.  There was lots of cheering (as some people got their first rope climbs ever), tons of camaraderie, loud music and of course  a few torn up hands, and rope debris all over the floor.  Woody did the 182nd rope climb to complete the event.  We gathered for a group picture with a sign that read “4900” which we sent to a fellow gym owner who was fighting a rare disease, as his motto was giving “4900%” effort during his fight.  It was one of those nights in the gym where the energy was just right to create a memory that will last a life time.


Hey Gang!!!

As you all know by now DSC is moving next door to 3710 Hwy 82. We will have an abridged schedule the week of Christmas as we will be moving all of our gear to our new space 🙂 If anyone is around and willing to help, we’ll take it!

We are planning on a LARGE workday Saturday, December 23 for anyone that is able. If you have an hour or 3 we would GREATLY appreciate it! We will start at 10:00 am after class and work until at least 5:00 that evening.


Our Christmas Christmas schedule will be as follows:

Monday, December 25 CLOSED

Tuesday, December 26 CLOSED

Wednesday, December 27-Friday, December 29

5:45 am, 7:00 am, 5:30 pm, 6:45 pm

Saturday, December 30 CLOSED

Sunday, December 31 CLOSED

Monday, January 1, 2018 GRAND RE-OPENING workout and PARTY at new space.


If you are unable to make any classes during the holiday week let us know and we will give you a workout to do in the backroom. IF you have any available time that week and want to help move let us know-we’ll gladly take you up on it! Thank you all for your patience during this transition. Deanna and I are so excited to start this New Year off with you in our new building. You all are such an incredible part of our community and the decision to make this our lifetime business was simple because of it!


Happy Holidays!

Athlete of the Month: December 2017

Congrats to our December Athlete of the Month SONYA TURNER.  Sonya has been with us for over 4 year now.  She is a consistent member of the 5:45 AM All-Stars, and uses her fitness outside of the gym on a regular basis.  She has run countless races, and gets outside with her friends and family as much as possible.  We think she truly IS as “bad-ass as Gary Robbins”….

Q. How long have you been at Defiance S&C?

A. I guess it’s been about 4 years? I started the summer before we we moved out of the old gym.

Q. Where were you born and raised?

A. Born in New York City, raised in Princeton, NJ.

Q. What do you do for work?

A. I help run the Insights Group at 2020 Research. We do consumer research, which basically means we help companies figure out how to develop products and experiences that people want to buy. The company is based in Nashville so I have the luxury of working from home.

Q. What is your “Spirit Animal?”

A. I’m not sure that I have one but in my dreams one day I will be as bad-ass as Gary Robbins.

Q. What is your favorite food?

A. Pretty much anything Asian. Thai and Vietnamese are high on the list. And Pop Tarts too. Pop Tarts are awesome.

Q. What is your favorite type of workout or lift?

A. All the chippers. I like a sufferfest, preferably without too much math involved. Tell me to go do 100 each of a bunch of movements and I am happy. I also am never sad to see back squats or deadlifts for the strength portion.

Q. What is your least favorite workout or lift?

A. A couple times we’ve done this workout where you do 3 or 4 rounds of max effort bench press followed by max effort pull-ups. That never ends well for me. Nor does anything requiring coordination–I am not known for my catlike reflexes.

Q. What were you doing for exercise before you started at Defiance?

A. Running all the time, which is actually what got me in the door for a “bring a friend” Saturday class (Jess Lorah finally got tired of my whining that I was injured and unable to run and said “Shut up, you’re coming to my gym with me.”)

Q. What activities do you enjoy doing outside the gym?

A. I like to trail run and hike, preferably up above treeline or out in the desert. I’m not much of a skier, but my husband convinced me to start skinning a few years ago and that’s pretty awesome too. Besides that, I love to travel, eat good food, hear live music, and hang out with my family.

Q. How if at all, has Defiance S&C changed your life?

A. SO MANY WAYS. I had no idea that a gym could be such an important part of my life. I have tried new things, gotten stronger, and developed authentic relationships with people I might never have come in contact with otherwise.

Q. How would you describe Defiance and your experiences at Defiance with someone who is interested in trying it out?

A. I’d say that it’s a place where you are recognized as an individual, and where everyone, both staff and members, supports, encourages, and holds you accountable. D and Tara put their heart and soul into making sure that they are giving each member what they need and it shows.