Athlete(s) of the Month: April 2017

They fought us on it, but finally relented… Congrats to our TWO Athletes of the Month: Tara Alibrandi and Deanna Spracher.  Everyone knows them as kick-ass coaches, but they are also STELLAR athletes.  We cannot say enough good things about these two.  We love them, you love them, let’s get to know them a little better…

Q. How long have you been at Defiance S&C?

TA: I started as a baby CrossFitter at Glenwood Springs CrossFit in the old building in November of 2011. Some of our longest standing members were in fundamentals with me. BIG SHOUT OUTS to Janice Morgan, Steve Beckley, Ian Exelbert, and Steve Vanderhoof!

DS: 5.5 years… (Editors note:  Deanna helped us physically build DSC, so technically she has been here since the very beginning).

Q. Where were you born and raised?

TA: Born and raised to “Live Free or Die” in the great state of New Hampshire (side note: this is a state, NEW ENGLAND is an AREA…Patriots Nation!)

DS:  Born and raised in Basalt Colorado.

Q. What do you do for work?

TA: I have the greatest job in the world and the greatest pleasure of collecting sums of money to tell people to go faster, work harder, and be better everyday.  Wouldn’t trade it for anything!

DS: I boss and sass “grown” adults. I usually sarcastically tease them about their movement patterns and teach them how to fix it. Or I jump up and down and praise them when they are moving well and kicking ass.  I also boss teenagers around on the basketball court, in hopes that I am also teaching them how to be upstanding successful individuals in our community, by teaching them the importance and value of integrity, honesty, teamwork and hard work on the court and hoping that it will translate to life and situations off the court.

Q. What is your “Spirit Animal?”

TA: While I would love to say “Starlite, the magnificent horse, the glory of the galaxy,” I believe it is more likely a Musk Ox who is known for its’ “thick coat and strong odor.”

DS: Kenzie and Tara will have to answer this one for me. I don’t like animals, and therefore I don’t like to pretend that I actually resemble such a creature.

Q. What is your favorite food?

TA: COFFEE! Blonde Brownies, anything “trail mixy,” sweet potatoes, salmon, any kind of salad with ALL the things.

DS: Crab and shrimp. I have conveniently developed an allergy to shellfish in the last few years, so that is awesome!

Q. What is your favorite type of workout or lift?

TA: Work Capacity tests and Barbell Complexes

DS: I like them short and sweet. Anything less than 10 minutes is right up my alley. I like body weight movements (being a gymnast growing up has many advantages) and I like moderate weight lifting.

Q. What is your least favorite workout or lift?

TA: Acts of defying gravity with my own bodyweight.

DS: Super heavy lifts for multiple reps. VOMIT! My least favorite workout in the entire world is “Kalsu” I did it once and I promise you I will NEVER do it again!

Q. What were you doing for exercise before you started at Defiance?

TA. Riding Horses, Trail Running, Hiking, Skiing.

DS: Taking granny walks with Kenzie on Boulder creek, and doing classes with names like “Butt and Gut.” I also tried Zumba, and thankfully for everyone around me I found CrossFit weeks later and I never had to go back.

Q. What activities do you enjoy doing outside the gym?

TA: All of the above plus a new obsession of shooting bows, a hopefully to be reclaimed obsession with riding bikes, and hanging with all the amazing “family” I’ve made at Defiance.  Really anything OUTSIDE in the beautiful sunshine….except in the water. I am a human and I love breathing AIR.

DS: Basketball, hiking, snowboarding, rafting (I prefer day or 1 night trips). Although, I must say, I recently did Lasik (or the version of Lasik for REALLY bad eyesight called PRK) and now that I won’t have to take my contacts in and out in the dirt and dust, multiple night trips might not be so bad.

Q. How if at all, has Defiance S&C changed your life?

TA: This could be a NOVEL. It has literally changed EVERY single part of my life for the better. My health, my mindset, my career, my tribe! All of my closest people are from friendships I’ve made at the gym. My friends and now “family” from DSC make me better everyday by setting an example that I want to hold myself to. Defiance helped me transform my ability  to see what my body was capable of doing instead seeing of all the things it didn’t look like. It is still a work in progress, but it has been the start to an empowering journey.

DS: Defiance has literally changed who I am.  Believe it or not, I was once a lost, shy little girl with ZERO confidence and no clue what my purpose was in this world.  CrossFit/Defiance has helped me find my purpose and passion in life, it has truly helped me “blossom” into the individual that I am today.  Growing up, the idea of standing in front of a room talking to more than one individual, literally made my palms sweat, my heart pound in my head, and made me trip and stutter over my words.  The fact that I do that every day still shocks me.  I truly believe that finding your love and passion in life, will bring out your true purpose in life, and your best self.

Q. How would you describe Defiance and your experiences at Defiance with someone who is interested in trying it out?

TA:  Defiance can literally be whatever it needs to be for you. Don’t come in with fear or preconceived notions…we are here to help make you YOUR best you.  For some, that’s “CrossFit” for others, simply a workout, and for others it may be a community or a standing appointment to better themselves. Whatever gets you in the door is the reason we are here!

DS:  I would describe Defiance as much more than just a place to achieve your fitness and physical goals.  Defiance is all about the community that has been created by our awesome members, which is something that needs to be experienced to be understood. I am constantly amazed by the individuals that I get to teach and interact with on a daily basis. Yes, I am technically the teacher and the coach, but you guys are constantly teaching me every single day. I am so blessed to be a part of something that is so special.

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  1. Ian on April 15, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    Love you both! You are inspiring in so many different ways and I appreciate the amazing ladies you are at the core (Literally and figuratively). Thanks for caring about everyone in our DSC community. The impact you have on so many lives is significant!