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Defiance Strength and Conditioning is a family owned Strength and Conditioning facility. We are the home of Glenwood Springs CrossFit.  Our second location, Defiance West opened April 1st of 2015.

Defiance Strength and Conditioning is…

More than just a CrossFit gym …  While we do offer awesome CrossFit Group classes, we offer many other great options for you to choose from to become the best version of yourself, and achieve your personal goals. Choose one or multiple options from our many program offerings; CrossFit group classes, Endurance classes, Mobility, Yoga, Nutritional Coaching, Weightlifting, Personal Coaching, and Youth Classes.

A smart, safe way to change your life… The goal of our programming is to create an enjoyable and sustainable routine that you can do for years to come.


TWO Locations….

We have two convenient locations for you to choose from depending on which location works better for you.  As a member at Defiance, you are welcome to attend both our New Castle location and our Glenwood Springs location.


A diverse group of people … Our membership is as diverse as it comes. We have law enforcement officers, hairdressers, student athletes, grandmothers, teachers, and everyone in between. Our members range in age from 8-76 years young.  We have ALL ability levels proving you don’t have to be an athletic specimen to start at our gym. You just have to have the desire to be better than you were yesterday.

A community … Inside the walls of our gym friendships are made, and carried out into the community. We support each other daily during the workouts, as well as outside of the gym.  Our members are supportive of each other and the amazing community we live in.


A different “gym experience” …We want you to have an exceptional experience when you walk into our gym. We pride ourselves on making sure every member is a part of our community, and feels comfortable in our classes. Instead of only focusing on short term improvements, our goal for you is to continually move better and get stronger every year, and for many, many years to come. We want you to excel outside of the gym as well as inside of it, and for that we offer individual goal setting, and individualized fitness programs.


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